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Our Activities & Attractions

Imagine a place where you can scale ninja walls, challenge your friends to laser tag, get a high score  in your favorite arcade game, battle in bumper cars, fly through the sky on a zip line, and then get a delicious bite to eat when you’re all done. This place exists, and it’s coming to Whiteside County, Illinois! At Soar’ N Skies Adventure Park®, you’ll enjoy affordable activities and games for all ages, and everyone is encouraged to jump in and join the adventure! More details on attractions coming soon!

End of the Road

It is with great sadness that we announce we will no longer be pursuing Soar N Skies Adventure Park in the Whiteside County area. This decision comes from the announcement last week that the mall chose a large National chain over our small business for the vacated Bergner's space. While we are happy to see the mall fill up, we hope businesses are sustainable and value added to our community and youth in this area. We fought hard for over 3 years, and put everything we could in it to make this happen. However, with the lack of reliable investors and the COVID-19 pandemic delays, we have decided to pursue other opportunities. We genuinely thank you with all our hearts for the support, and are hopeful someone will invest in an outlet for the youth in this area in the upcoming years.

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